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Most Wanted: Our Creative Director & Resident Spaniard

Learn how our Creative Director took his talents from tripping around China, then attempting carpentry to returning to his craft: art. An entertaining journey!

It was May. My birthday was around the corner, my dream of becoming a carpenter was broken into pieces – still stinking like beer and misunderstanding. 


I can say even more: it was Friday.


At the very same moment that I received the bad news of having to shrink my already shivering invoice, my dream company reached out to me offering a position. 

On that same Sunday, I was eating cantonese style barbecued squids; one of the delegation mates from my last trip to China was listening to my story about the rough ending to my carpentry adventure. 


"I’m looking for someone to help with marketing, let’s talk." 


That person happened to be Gordian Overschmidt. On the same table sitting was my new girlfriend who was part of that Chinese epic. I got arrested on that trip too, but that’s a different story, maybe for our podcast.


The following week Gordian and I went for lunch. 


Everything flowed easily. 


Still, I had a big decision to make: the company of my dreams or joining a two people start-up tackling every single aspect of post-capitalism, democracy, technology, society, health, education, and character building. 

I had to think deeply. I had to connect with who I was, who I wanted to be. 

Whatever I had to decide, I would have to explain it to people I respected, trusted and admired. “It’s what’s best for me” wouldn’t make the cut. Rarely does.

I realize that the company of my dreams was so, because they started out doing what they believed in. From a tiny tin shelter. Having time to go out there, and do their thing. 

Which is who I am, who I want to be, and the society I want to build: the one that guarantees equal opportunities so people can choose. People can build, create, and release that energy into society. 

Technology, I believe, will play a big role in that.

I let things resonate inside me, and the message came clear: join the few, join the ones that need help now; change the game. 

I think it’s impossible to make a good decision, the right one, without sacrifices. If nothing is given, nothing can be achieve. As it is impossible to be in the start-up ecosystem without a true pristine intention and vocation. Everything else will fall into pieces without creating any knowledge, or leaving anything behind. 

And so, by the end of May I wasn’t just celebrating my birthday eating ramen, but also seeing myself as part of what can be a game changer: the first digital consciousness that keeps the noise away and allows you to live a more self-determined live.

Go out there, live your life. Choose who you are, what will change you, and what not.  

There is nothing else in this planet. 

Kike Molares 

Editor note: Kike works remote from Amsterdam as part of the team here at ODE Systems. Anytime you would like to reach out to him, you can find Kike This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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