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Tools For Getting Through Tough Choices, In Tough Times

Let's be honest, at the time of writing this COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind at the moment, filling our airwaves with all sorts of news depending on who you’re listening to. 

In times of such uncertainty it’s always good to take a step back. Making decisions in unpredictable circumstances are about as frightening as that time you had to talk about politics with your partners family for the first time; you’re on shakey ground until you’ve really squeezed enough info from them, making the pathway for discussion steadier!


So, how can we ensure no matter the circumstances, we have a robust approach to decision making in times of uncertainty? 


We here at ODE would recommend putting these into your toolkit:

  1. Know how you make choices. Resilience is key. We have wonderful imaginations which throw us all sorts of scenarios in our mind. Use the 7 steps to channel those thoughts & maintain a consistent approach, no matter the noise. 
  2. Diversity of thought! Talk to your community, colleagues, regulars at your local bar, person serving at your supermarket, sports team and whoever else you find yourself around (of course, with social distancing in mind!). Feedback is so important for our growth; Take the best bits and build a more robust choice with your feedback.

  3. Schulterblick! Specifically, take time to reflect. It’s so easy to get caught up in moving forward that sometimes the past is full of the richest learnings. Reflect, think of key stressors which influence you; then they aren’t hidden - instead, highlighted and front of mind, ready to be resolved. 

Your choices will always have an impact on you

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know what you think! What are your tips and tricks for making choices in stressful times?

As always, with love & respect,

Your team at ODE ❤️

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