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Our Ethical Statement To You

Social entrepreneurship is at the heart of what we do, so we wanted to post our ethical statement; a public statement to hold ourselves accountable against our values.

"We have commited ourselves to 3 key objectives when creating policy & procedure with regards to our users’ data. These objectives are the foundation of our values as a company; that's how important we feel they are to guiding every activity we undertake."   

Gordian Overschmidt, CEO & Co-Founder

  1. “My data belongs to me.” 

ODE will not at any time voluntarily provide data access to third parties, unless legally required or forced by law to prevent harm to individuals or society.

  1. “My decision-processing follows my free will.” 

ODE will not allow any influence on personal decision processes by third parties. ODE is providing a framework to deal with decisions that are relevant to you. ODE is, at the same time, an educational tool and mental health system. You will be guided into  a structural decision process until you feel comfortable to proceed by yourself. 

Using ODE as your decision-library by yourself, or working with your community, you gain insight and support for your decisions and those of others. This relieves stressors from tough every-day decisions.

You will reach fully self-determined decisions. ODE does not “sway” or influence your decision making process: the app is the tool which simply gives structure to what can be a complex and intricate process. 

  1. “My decision serves; my happiness and well-being, those of my relatives and friends and society, now and for generations to come.”

The educational approach of ODE is to provide a system to become a better decision-maker. The experience of actively making informed decisions will make a difference for good. The iterative and open process provides space for both rationale, and gut feeling. 

The aim is to make the central system of active development in decisions evident to you; providing continuous learning opportunities through critical analysis of your own stored data: the decision library. Data from the ‘Library’ is thus used for this purpose, and no other.


With love & respect, 

The Team at ODE ❤️

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