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The Bi-Weekly App Update

Get up to speed with our latest developments in the ODE app straight from our CTO!

Is this you? 

"Oh no! I had to make an almost identical decision just a month ago! But I have no clue anymore!" 


Do you know someone who is like…

"Nah, I wouldn't have sent my kid to Trump University, if anybody could have shared a few reasons why not with me."

Then oh boy, do we have a deal for you! We're now introducing the,

"decision BLUEPRINTS 9000"!!!

The world's very ultra-luxury way to re-use your ODE decisions and offer others the benefit of your incredible experience. Don't wait, act now!

Only for a not limited time, participating apps only. Actual extent of your awesomeness might depend on individual personality and experience.

(…so, we're adding a small but hopefully helpful feature this week that allows you to make blueprints from your decisions. These can be used to create new decisions and or be shared with others. As a side-effect you'll also be able to copy and delete decisions more easily than before.)

Until next time! 

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