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Open Culture: Free Cultural & Educational Media!

Beyond Netflix is a set article we drop every few days to give you something to keep you entertained at home!

Open Culture

The Best Free Cultural & Educational Media On The Web

Wow! Open Culture's tag line really does reflect what this platform is. We had to include this one for the Beyond Netflix series as it is perfect for getting your 101's in to start picking up some side hobbies or launching your journey into a new topic!

Want to learn about wine? Sure! Want to dig into what it means to be human? Watch the lecture! Decided it's time to learn to code for your website? yep, it's there! Heard of BowieNet? Of course not! But yes, David Bowie at one point launched his own internet service - it's all there for you to learn, and oh, learn you will. 

There is a great range of topics to be found. Don't let the lo-fi nature of the website fool you, there are gems after ever click you make!

As always, with love & respect,

Your team at ODE ❤️