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The ODE App: Guide To Decision Making

What is the ODE app? When would I use it? How would I use it? What is the word ODE?! All is explained, here for you!

Our mission is embedded in everything we do: make people better decision makers.

But, we are aware of how complex & individual this topic is for everyone. Whether you’re going through daily choices, or adverse decisions which influence your health and well being, our goal is to be there for you. 

Our DNA as a brand is inherited from our Vision. That is, to enable collaborative, participative and transparent decision making for you, and ultimately, by you. How? Starting with the app; the first digital conscious and your partner. Stepping through decisions with clarity, anywhere and at any time. 


What is the ODE app?


The ODE app is actually the Objectified Decision Engine. Sounds scientific, and well, it is! Our team has worked to make sure that every time you go through a choice, ODE is there for you to put you in the best position, helping make the most informed choice possible

Open the ODE app, and meet your decision making partner. From here we help you enter what we’ve worked very hard to make very easy for you; the choices and key influencers. Once complete, you see a full visual & easy to digest page with your best choice by percentage. 

Of course, some decisions require multiple voices, so integrated sharing gifts friends and family the chance to join the process, rating key aspects which you’ve outlined for them.  Your community can also suggest components to add, and you decide if they are helpful for you. No group think, no internal bias

The goal is to alleviate common stressors, allowing for a calm and clear decision making journey. life-long learning & reflection, at your fingertips. 


When Do I Use It?


To be honest, that part is up to you! Of course, we can say every time you face a choice. We have two key tools your can use in the app; one which reflects the process needed for a difficult choice, one which has criteria to be assessed; another which allows for sharing with your community, where you can receive votes from people you share with, getting quick insights on your choices. 


What Should I Expect When I Open It?


There's a world of option for you in the ODE app, all of which are tailored to helping you with your decisions! The two main decision making tools aside, here are some things to expect:

  • The Dashboard: Your place for recent decisions, adding a new decision, have a look through our onboarding or read through our latest news. 
  • The Decision Library: Where all your decisions are stored. There for you any time you'd like to go through how you came to a choice in the first place. 
  • Feedback Loops: Turn these on whenever you want feedback. You can ask for suggestions at each stage, help with setting priorities, receive helping completing values or get feedback on every stage.  
  • Blueprint: Similar to duplicating, but you can pick and choose which parts of a decision will be duplicated. Maybe you like the way a friend set up his or her criteria for selecting a university, ask for a blueprint to be shared with you, then continue the decision process. 
  • Easy iteration: Easily skip between each stage in the decision process. this allows you to work through the process in any order and iterate stages you thought you might have already completed. 

As always, please feel free to click on the little blue icon in the bottom right of your screen and send us a message!

This is a live post, so we will always be updating the information; your feedback makes a difference, helping create information useful for all the ODE users out there!

The Team at ODE ❤️

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