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Most Wanted: ODEs First Investor & Supporter

Olaf is CEO of his own company, OWS, while also being the first investor in ODE systems. Learn how he got involved and the potential he sees for ODE & society!

Olaf and Gordian (CEO of ODE) met in the Sahara in 2014. Long hours of talking; society, impact of actions and decisions. Crossing the desert in cars, camels and by feet.

Back in Berlin and a couple of years later, Olaf was the first to understand the power and impact of the concept, deciding to invest in ODE Systems!

Olaf is running his company with origins way back in Berlin. At the end of the War his grandmother started producing seasonal decorations for the KaDeWe, before creating the first moving characters for display purposes together with her brother. The Family started the first themed amusement park in Germany, which inspired none other than Walt Disney, also becoming the foundation of all themed amusement parks in Europe to come!

Olaf attests, the spark of interest in ODE came;

 "... as I run my own company, permanently having to evaluate new ideas and products by a diverse range of team members, I'm happy to have a tool in my hand where all parties involved will reach to a similar decision, hence become more independent from me; which, believe it or not is a good thing!

I believe ODE will truly help people make better decision and become better decision makers. Therefore, increasing self confidence, satisfaction & ultimately happiness. I love the tagline 'decide to be happy', it can be interpreted in many different ways, but the message is always positive."

If you want to learn more about Olaf & OWS, you can reach Olaf through our website chat

All the best & until next time! 

The Team at ODE

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