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You Can Now Make A Blueprint Of A Decision With The ODE App

Admire someone's decision making process? Maybe you have a friend choosing university at the same time as you and you want their criteria - make a blueprint and you're ready to go!

We added a new feature we are proud of! The Blueprint. 



Why use Blueprint? 


    Want to duplicate a choice, but not all steps are the same for the new decision? 

 ​Making a blueprint allows you to duplicate the decision you choose. However, you can pick and choose which steps you would like to duplicate; hence the name blueprint, giving you the plan to continue to build your decision on. 

    Admire the way someone made a decision?

Maybe you're a college student and it's time to start going through the process of which university to choose. If you admire the approach another student had to creating their decision making process, ask for a blueprint, insert your options and start the journey.  

Or, maybe there is a professional you admire; maybe it's an athlete? Get their decision making blueprint for organising their workout routine, giving you the best shot at making a great choice!

Please, if you have any questions start a chat, we are always online and happy to talk 🤗 There is a little blue chat icon on the bottom right of the screen, give it a try 🧐

All the best from Berlin,

The ODE Team ❤️

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