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Most Wanted: Anindya Sekarnagri

Anindya discusses startup opportunities in Jakarta, the "new normal" and her insights on approaching decision making.

I find it useful to write down all criterias and considerations that lead to the decision I will make. Often times when I have to decide something, there's an argument happening in my head. It's very satisfying to see those criterias and considerations are lifted off of my head to ODE app. 

 How are you? I hope you are well?

Hi! I'm good, starting to be in peace with the new normal by doing everything from home. All good. How are you?


I’m well! Adjusting to the “new normal” as well! How have you seen COVID influence society around you? Which is Jakarta right?

Yes, I live in Jakarta. The current situation in the city is oddly different. The government is officially limiting the citizens' mobility, but we're not in total lockdown. Although streets and supermarkets are still packed with people, they are aware to wear masks and keep distances.

However, I see more dramatic changes in the online and business community. People have become more creative in order to survive by selling homemade food, catering services, and handmade masks through Instagram. Companies are also pivoting their businesses to adapt to the situation, eg. an event organizer turns into a disinfectant provider, a taxi company offers to deliver goods and shop groceries, a BBQ restaurant offers to deliver the same eating experience at the restaurant to home, a clothing company starts to produce face masks, etc.

The best side of this situation for me is the air quality is getting much better because of less pollution.


It is interesting to see how in times of such uncertainty, people are forced into making change where they otherwise would have not. Have you seen or made any decisions which are a direct bi-product of COVID-19? I know my choice of nightly-movie-watching has certainly seen a hike!

Haha.. me too. The most obvious change for me is my daily schedule. Since I do all activities by myself in one same space 24/7, it gets me crazy. I'm trying to do several changes to make myself stay sane.

One way that I think works well is to divide my day into four time categories: 

wellbeing time (for mental and physical health), productive time (mostly for work), self development time (for creativity and learning new skills--look who just signed up herself for a dance class with HAIM! 😆), and chill time (my most anticipated time of the day). I might not follow my own rule every day, but at least I have a sense of direction of what I should do each time.


Speaking of Jakarta earlier, maybe you could tell me a bit about Impact Hub Jakarta and your work? From the outside, it looks very interesting!

Impact Hub Jakarta is part of the Impact Hub network that has been around in 100 cities around the world. We offer opportunities for networking and collaboration across sectors and communities in Jakarta by doing programs and events in our space and beyond.

My role as the project manager is to run external projects that are related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Most of the projects I run are related to the development and capacity building for early-stage startups and social entrepreneurs. It's pretty exciting as I get to meet interesting people and witness their entrepreneurial journeys.


As project manager, you must find yourself making MANY decisions every day. Do you have any tips or tricks you use to get through tough choices?

For every choice that I make, I know that there will always be consequences. So, I try to define the consequences I would have, before making a final decision. I also try to consider the current factors/variables that can help me to decide the best possible option. Asking opinions from other people, either from my supervisor or colleagues, also helps to get another perspective before making a tough decision. 


Do you see Jakarta as offering quite some potential for startups? If so, what do you think sparks that potential?

Yes. The opportunities we have in Jakarta and Indonesia are massive. There are a lot of problems to solve, thus it creates a lot of opportunities for startups to thrive. Generally, Indonesia is the fastest-growing and largest digital economy in Asia. The income rise of the middle-class people has raised their purchasing power and enabled them to buy more products and services. Not to mention that more than 60% of the population are connected to the internet -- you really can't talk to people without them looking at their phones nowadays 😅.

These factors have benefitted a growing number of startups to emerge and grow, especially in Jakarta as the business and government center of the country where infrastructures are better and opportunities are bigger compared to other regions.


Speaking of Indonesia’s growth, I know you used ODE to help with your decision when voting in an election; how was it for you, using an app to help you make that decision?

Uhm, I didn't actually use ODE for voting. At that time, I was fascinated by Gordian's story about how he started ODE because he saw that many of his students didn't vote for election. It got me thinking. I was part of those people at a time, but I wanted to change. I learned that my voice mattered. So, I decided to participate at the presidential election last year eventhough the administration process was really painful.


My mistake! What is it for you which you find most useful about the idea of using the ODE app to get through decisions? 

I find it useful to write down all criterias and considerations that lead to the decision I will make. Often times when I have to decide something, there's an argument happening in my head. It's very satisfying to see those criterias and considerations are lifted off of my head to ODE app.

While defining the criterias one by one, it also makes me think of other criterias/considerations that I haven't thought about. So, when the app shows me what the final decision is, I feel much firmer to take it. It can be because I might have thought of what the final decision is, but ODE helps me to affirm it. ODE app also has a feature to ask feedback from other people that really helps to make some decisions that I'm not certain to do. 

A great chat with Anindya, with some nice insights for breaking up the day! Definitely worth giving a go! If anyone would like, learn more about Impact Hub here & as always, feel free to drop us a message on the chat icon on the bottom right of the screen. 

As always, with love & respect, 

The Team at ODE ❤️ 

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