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The Bi-Weekly App Update

We have a job opening! Full Stack developers unite!

You're here for the app update, but you're walking away with a job opening! 

That's right, we have a role open for a Full Stack Developer to join our small team of 5. Fully remote; ranging from England-to-Germany-to-Amsterdam, we are well-versed in collaborative work. We have an office space in Potsdam, which we share with our friends OWS, for the days we want to get together; of course there is a seat there waiting for you for when you need it! Check out the job description below:


Full Stack Developer 



Please, if you have any questions start a chat, we are always online and happy to talk 🤗 There is a little blue chat icon on the bottom right of the screen, give it a try 🧐

All the best from Potsdam,

The ODE Team ❤️