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The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

The next drop of our Beyond Netflix series! A not-so-friendly-mannered book which gives you a "no frills" argument as to how and why you should not care; while still caring?!

The counter intuitive approach to living a good life.

Mark Manson is widely known as a successful blogger based in New York City, leaving you with the question: "why am I taking advice from a blogger?" Valid question it would be at that; one I had asked myself, staring at the paperback in the book store!

However, I did the age old trick. That is to say, first I novicely got excited by the fact it had "New York Best Seller" printed everywhere; but more importantly, I opened at halfway to read 5-10 pages and see if it would stick and oh, it stuck! 

The difference between Mark Manson's first book here and most which wax lyrical on life's many vast and challenging questions, is that he has a pragmatism and realism engrained into his writing that is undoubtedly relatable. It is that exact relatability in his writing style and arguments in-themselves which reminds you of some, albeit uncensored, but honest advice about how to focus on what really matters: you. More pragmatically, this means stop focusing on external opinions on what matters, actually sit down, and, dear I say, reflect?!   

I wouldn't lie, the book can come across as a slap in the face! But, for a lot of us wading through the noise we find ourselves in during the 21st century, it is a reminder of our own priorities and how we can value them, rather than nose-diving into a 2 hour Youtube rabbit hole about what someone says should be your priorities.

Because I likely haven't done the book justice, here's an insight from Mark Manson's website

"Subtle Art presents an entirely new approach to personal development, from top to bottom. Life is not about getting rid of problems, it’s about finding better problems. It’s not about avoiding failure, it’s about getting better at failure. It’s not about knowing everything, but becoming more comfortable in not knowing anything.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is all about coming to terms with all of the inevitable unimportant imperfections in life and then choosing to not give a f*ck about them. It’s about learning how to give a f*ck about the few things that truly matter."

Book Recommendation:

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

Written by, Mark Manson.

(Think twice, order with your local book shop) 💜

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