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Free Download: For the Next Time You Face a Challenging Situation

Have a look at one of our free posters - available for download and ready-to-print!


ODE Downloadable Series:


We have been working very hard to put together a series of downloadable tools to help you with your decision making!

We are so excited for this.

Each week we'll 'drop' another downloadable tool for your pleasure. The mission: not just offer our inspired app, but to add value to your life with tangible offline tools.

We have a heavy mantra floating through the office: Collaboration, Consistency & Engagement - starting with us, ending with you.

The posters are first up. Easy to print, put it up on the wall, and leave it to inspire at the exact moment it's needed. 

Coming in the future will be exercises to help you get through tough choices, prepare for meetings, approach difficult conversations, send love letters to teammates in your dream team and more! That's right, we're covering the whole spectrum; from love all the way to "omg I need to nail this meeting, where do I start" (that's where one day, you download that helpful "prepare for your scary meeting" pdf)

As always, with love & respect,

The Team at ODE