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Global Impact Tech Alliance Helping Social Impact Startups

Learn about GITA, a network of tech-impact leaders who are driven to promote the intersection of the SDGs and tech innovation, globally.

One of our Co-Founders & current CEO, Gordian Overschmidt, is (excitingly) part of the new network of impact-driven individuals who will be building the base for the new german chapter of GITA. 

GITA aims to connect a global network of individuals, ranging from venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, academics, institutions and more to scale tech-impact startups which contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for 2030. As displayed on the website, GITA's "data-based platform, international summits, on-the-job training programs, and networking events are all geared towards tapping into the immense impact potential of technology so that we can collectively reach the UN SDGs by 2030" (GITA,

According to the Better Business Better World report by the Business & Sustainable Development Commission, achieving the Global Goals could open up an estimated US $12 trillion in market opportunities in four economic systems: food and agriculture, cities, energy and materials, and health and well-being (Nazila Vali, Programme Analyst Private Sector, UNDP).

This is especially interesting for ODE. As a tech-impact startup we have worked hard to create and publicise our Ethical Statement. Beyond our commitment to protecting our users data and wellbeing, ODE actively integrates the SDGs into our strategy. In the effort towards the building of the ODE curriculum currently being developed in collaboration with academic individuals and institutions, our CEO has completed the ICSB Certificate for teaching the SDGs. This curriculum will aim to "unbox" decision making at a micro level; that is to say, aimed at individuals to enhance cognitive dissonance at an early age with regards to this subject. It is our mission that with dedicated learning objectives towards decision making, individuals can put themselves in their best positions possible to participate in society confidently. 

It is of common belief that participation is crucial to democratic societies. However, often many factors can be barriers; lack of transparency, unconscious bias or decision fatigue (to name a few). It is our hope that we will be able to reduce these barriers for students who will all be a part of the journey towards achieving the technology and progress towards the SDGs 2030. 

The Chapter here in germany is currently undertaking work to "... set the foundation to drive directed and collaborative action" (GITA,  de.gita.gobal). Currently, working groups are setting up the data-driven analysis needed to measure and then work towards the goal of "... making tech driven impact investing a significant part of the mix by 2030" (GITA,

Please visit the Chapter's page here to sign up and become a part of this much needed and important alliance.  

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