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The Bi-Weekly App Update

This week we have a short update, highlighting some changes "under the hood" to help you use ODE offline.


Are you one of those rare people that do not have flawless internet access all the time and everywhere, without fail? Ever?

The obvious solution is, of course, to just take some bulk vitamins or other mineral supplements. But you might find that's not enough. Here's where our next update finds it's niche: 

The Omni-Synch-Boost-5000!!!

  • New and improved, all-natural formula!!!

  • 300% more effective than the next leading brand!!

  • Half the price!

  • Fewer visual side-effects

In short: We begin to work on improvements in our synchronization and offline features. These changes result in lower bandwidth usage, faster loading times, fewer issues with images. And of course - better offline behavior all around.



Please, if you have any questions start a chat, we are always online and happy to talk 🤗 There is a little blue chat icon on the bottom right of the screen, give it a try 🧐

All the best from Potsdam,

The ODE Team ❤️

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