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Why Giving Others Feedback Helps You Grow!

What's in it for me?! A fair question tbh! Giving feedback to others will actually help you grow as a person, here's why... #ODEtohumans #workplaceappropriate #shortread

The question of generations: What's in it for me? Effectionately referred to in the business world as "WIIFM". We really like the term, purely for the joy of saying WIFFM - try it! 

Jokes aside, receiving & giving feedback are such crucial moments in your every day life. We do it all the time; even if it's a small as smiling at your waiter for wishing you a nice day. That, is positive affirmation - something the waiter/tress will receive, hold as an intrinsic reward and result in one of the strongest forms of motivation you can experience. An act so small, yet so powerful - and that, is why we all need to understand the power of feedback for others and ourselves. 

There are many different types of ways in which people engage with the concept of feedback. Find out yours here, this goes a long way to personal growth. I believe it's important to make information easily digestible; something you can easily implement into your life.  Here are 3 key points to keep in mind:

  • Teaching is the best way to learn. I know, giving feedback is not teaching. But, what giving others feedback achieves for you, is a greater awareness to behavious and character traits. As the mantra goes: "knowledge is power"; so, use giving feedback as your personal tool to recognise these traits not just as theorietical terms, but in real-life. Reflect on how they made you feel, and pick them up, or put them down as part of your repertoire as you feel fits for you. 
  • Understanding yourself. In the vein as the first bullet, how does the feedback you give influence you? Furthermore, once you open yourself to giving feedback, you become open to diversioty of thought, and maybe you've been asked about a subject you've never thought about. This broadens you horizons; like listening to some new music a friend recommended, which you know you never would have found on your own. 
  • As Kant always said: treat others as an end, not a means to an end. Do unto others ,as you'd have done to you. Giving feedback is as beneficial for yourself as it is to receive it. Hold that thought. 

With love & respect,

Lucian & the Team at ODE

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