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ODE Takes Part In Next Step India Accelerator

An organisation which will help us reach our goal of launching in India this year!

As we enter the second half of the year, we here at ODE are truly excited for what lies ahead! There are many factors to be aware of going into this part of the year; the current pandemic certainly being one of them!

Our excitment doesn't just stem from being on track with our planned roadmap, but from being on the verge of starting our journey with the Next Step India team! Next Step offer an accelerator program, powered by the German Accelerator.

Normally, start ups will take part in an in-person program in Berlin as well as get the opportunity to travel to India and make connections in the market as part of the Accelerator. 

However, we are in the "new normal", and so throughout July we will take part in online seminars with much anticipation! We will have the opprotunity to, 

  • Gain understanding and insights into the market from companies operating there.
  • Build an intial network with partners who can be a part of or help us gain access to the market and launch our product. 
  • Workshop with the Next Step team, refining our go-to-market strategy in order to give ourselves the best opportunity at launching in India. 
  • Localize our pitch to ensure we "hit the right notes" with potential partners and investors. 
  • Ultimately, accelerate our entry into the market. 

Of course, remembering we are in the new normal, we will aim to be physically in India around October/November. We will be prepared and ready to launch, all that is left is after that is a touch of luck so that our timing can work out!


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