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Our Social Impact Results Staircase, How You Can Use It For Your Company

Read our explanation of how to put together steps which help you measure your impact as well as our approach to help create tangible positive change.

We are in the ODE office ensure that with every decision we make, whether it is strategic or day-to-day, it contributes toward our ability to have a positive impact on society. We have begun this by publishing our Ethical Statement, our CEO received the International Council for Small Business Certificate for teaching the UN SDGs 2030 and we have partnered with the Global Impact Tech Alliance Germay Chapter to contribute towards shining the light and lifting social entrepreneaurship. 

We recently completed an audit, we know it sounds weird, in order to see if we can measure our own impact. Through this process we were encouraged by the Phineo "Wirktreppe", german for Phine Staircase. This staircase has led to us creating the Impact Results Staircase. This is our tool for outlining our actions and measuring progress towards tangible and positive societal impact. 

Just as we have done with our roadmap, to continue transparency with you, our community, we want to publish our Impact Results Staircase. With this we hope to inspire others to create measurable steps towards social impact. Here are the steps, and an explainer for what each should mean for you:


1. Activities Carried Out As Planned: What are the actions you are taking to kick off your campaign. 

Curriculum finalised and distributed with education partner network. 

2. Target Group Reached: Who are you trying to get to? What defines them?

            18-14 year olds, engaging with curriculum at High School. 

3. Target Group Accepts Offer: How can we calculate we have reached our target?

            Students have a high pass rate with our curriculum and ODE app is being used amoung peers. 

4. Target Group Learns New Skill And Alter Behaviour: How can we track that what we contributed has an impact?

            New skills adopted and evaluated via post-learning survey.

5. Target Group Change Their Behaviour: How can you continue to implement a resource which helps maintain a "new normal". 

            ODE app offered with known "big decisions" for Indian students which they engage with. E.g. choosing univeristy

6. Living Conditions Are Changed For Better: 

            Positive survey results from students and positive feedback from institutions showcasing enhanced skill set

7. Societal Cause Changed For Better: What is the impact which now drives that change

            Curriculum implemented, positive results from students & app user uptake increasing due to participation & concious decision-making


Steps 1-3 are all about organisational output, steps 3-7 and the societal outcomes, with step 7 specifically outlining the impact and new state of normal. 

To help you see how we went from theory to implementation, here is what we put together: 


Let us know your thoughts in the chat! 

As always, with love and peace,

The Team at ODE ❤️ 

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