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ODE to my time in Dubai!

Our CEO went to Dubai! An interesting story with great insights for anyone wanting to head there!


Exploring the business culture, market potentials & further opportunities to set-up the hub for the Arabic speaking countries and Africa defined our criteria. That is why decided to join the trip of StarAlliance Week to Dubai. Berlin Partner and Dubai SME, together with IAP, organized a well-balanced trip that created curiosity and provided a wide variety of information about the Dubai Startup Eco System. Talking to real people getting the information first hand is the way to do it. Get valuable feedback on idea, strategies, and always more feedback on the product.

Lots of exchange between the participants from different countries and several pitches e.g. at the StartupNight, we had the chance to create awareness and interest: we managed to the finals, which gave us a great visibility and numerous discussions with institutions, individuals, other start-ups from the Gulf countries and universities.

An extraordinary moment started when one of the panelists, Nargish Khambatta, pointed out the importance of education – No. 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN (SDG). After talking to Nargish and Ritesh Dhanaka of GEMS Education that evening, I had the pleasure of visiting GEMS MODERN ACADEMY. At the entrance hall already something caught my eyes: “Inspire … to become positive change-makers.” Talking with the students and faculty proved, this is ingrained into the culture. The brilliance of their students, their ideas, projects, and to the point discussion with the capability to listen and observe topics that are not dealt with yet, made me wish to join forces with GEMS Education!

Amazing learnings at the Mohammed bin Rashid Cultural Center, discussing pain points and ‘needs’ during decision-making with engineers from Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, with the vision to travel to Mars 2117. These visions, and therefore decisions are taken in the Emirates, knowing that this will help commitments to establish and execute future goals.

Even for individuals, decision-making is a skill set that includes so many disciplines from research, knowledge on how to treat sources, to the qualification of research findings, commitment, and reflection. Those skill sets can be developed and will lead to a more satisfying and self-determined approach to make all of us happy. It is thinking outside the box, in a more holistic approach with an outreach that covers more than our small circle of people.

Among those, we had the pleasure of meeting with the Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund. I want to thank Sandy Odeh, Zayd Raoof, and Nabeel Rehmann for their sound information and the open presentation they gave about the approach and execution of the accelerator.

And yes, we have been to the desert, and I have to admit, I loved it as much as I did when I met our Business Angel (Blog-Post).


The world is a fantastic place with different cultures, beliefs and orientations. Let us work on keeping that alive, and making it an even better place.  Making better decisions in private life, business, and society.

Join our vision: Let’s get happy!

Gordian & the Team at ODE

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