Welcome To Your Decision Making Buddy

ODE will never make the decision for you,
we help you get there!

Key Features

ODE Decision Process

Add a new decision and follow the steps to pull together all info you need to get through the decision process. Get an overview of your results.

The Feedback Loop

At any stage of the decision making process invite others to give you feedback and suggestions. Oh, don't worry, they won't know if you accept or decline their feedback!

Decision Library

Store all you decisions, re-visit them at any time and easily edit any stage of the decision process.

Google Play

Google Play offers an easy to use Beta track for your testing and feedback!


Apple Store

Easily download and use Testflight to access our Apple Store Beta track.

Web Browser

Feel free to use ODE on your laptop or IPad.

We have optimised for both. You can even use it for managing teams!


How you can

Early Adopters get first access to use the ODE app before launch! 

To make the best app possible, we just need your feedback to make last adjustments before launch around the corner!


Open The App

Click the links above to enter our test tracks! IoS and Android available, and you are welcome to open the app in your browser.

Test Test Test!

Please, use the app, enjoy the features and reflect on what works well (or does not work so well), so we can prepare for our V1 launch!

Let's Talk

You can hit the chat button floating around in the app or on our website. There you can easily give feedback, or use the feedback channel in your testing track.

Get Started Withdecision blueprints

Use a complete decision from someone else and get familiar with the app! Click below to start a blueprint and learn more about the feature!

help is always a click away!

help is always a click away!


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