Helping You Make Better

ODE will never make your choice. We build the pathway to get you there.

Facts - Vision - Mission

ODE supports responsible and self-determined decisions and thereby enables a happier life.

The app provides a decision history that allows continuous reflection and structure to analyze and learn. To define one's point of view and thus resiliently face influences and biases in decision-making.

"Happiness is reality minus expectations" - Tom Magliozzi

ODE will be used the world-over: no third party bias, no advertising and no data harvesting. 

Our mission is very clear; make people better decision makers. However clear it may sound, we are aware of how complex & individual this topic is for everyone.


Simple Steps

We have created seven easy steps in the journey to reaching your choice! A systematic approach to help you reach your goals.  


Share with your community, take feedback onboard, and easily accept or decline recommendations. 


Your Library

View and review all your decisions made within ODE. Can't remember why or how you came to a choice? Now you can!

Easily Edit

Decided you need to go back three steps to change something? ODEs designed to be easily iterative during your decision process. 


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