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Home Screen & Registering To Use ODE


Video: Navigating The Home Menu


What is Log In? 

For existing users who have gone through registration already. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click the “forgot your password?” button. 

If this does not work for you, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or open a conversation with our website chat feature. 


What is Sign Up? 

For first timers, looking to register themselves and enjoy ODE. 


How do I know you protect my data once signed up?

We uphold all minimum legal requirements. Data protection is inherent to our values as a company. Please feel free to read our Ethical Declaration, privacy policy and Terms and conditions


What is Trial? 

Trial mode allows you to try out our app, without having to fully register. In Trial mode you can enjoy the Decision function. However, in this mode th Opinion function as well as our sharing features (The Feedback Loop) are not available. 

This was made to allow you to enjoy the ODE app, without having to register your personal information. 


Navigating The In-App Main Menu


What is the “Dashboard”

Here you can see your decisions in order from the last used. We have our onboarding section here, you can add a decision, start an opinion poll or catch up on our latest news. 

How do I use the Decision Library: “Decisions”

This is where all your decisions are stored. The “Dashboard” shows your most recent decisions, but the “Decisions” section shows all decisions as well as Opinion Polls.

Here you can also delete decisions by pressing the “x” on the right of any decision tab. 


Where do I find the privacy policy and terms & conditions?

You can go to “account” or “About”. In “Account” you can read our policies as well as edit your account information. In “About” you can read the policies as well as a short article about ODE Systems.


How do I change the language?

At the bottom of your main menu you will find all of our available languages. Click on the language you want and the app will change it automatically for you. 

If we don't have the language you are searching for, please feel free to send us a chat message and let's talk about it!

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