Opinion Polls

Need the opinion of others on your options, use the Opinion Poll.

What Is Opinion Poll

Opinion Poll mode is for those moments you would like to make a quick choice; what will I wear to dinner? This is a far shorter process than “Decision” mode. 

For example: you could take pictures of four dogs you’re looking at as pets, upload them as options, and share with friends. Your friends can vote on which they like the most. 

The recipient of your Opinion Poll will not need to have the app. The link opens in any browser and offers them to vote independently. If you offer two options, they only have to choose the favourite one. With three and more options they can choose a ranking by clicking first, second, third and so on or drag & drop to the positions they feel comfortable. 


Video: How To Create Opinion Polls 


How Do I Use Opinion Poll


1. Give your Opinion Poll a nice title to easily explain your decision to your community.

To begin, 2 Options must be created. 

2. Add a photo using the camera icon and add a photo with your camera or from your phone. 

Add a title to your option and if you need, insert some information to help your supporters to have a better understanding of your thoughts for the option.

Note: you can create the Options with or without a picture, but in the end there must be a minimum of 2 Options.

3. When you have two options, you can press the “+ New” button to add more options. Once complete, press “Done” and you will land on a screen with your options and the opportunity to now share with your community!

4. Time to choose who to send your Opinion Poll to. You can invite friends and family using a QR code, URL link, Facebook, Twitter or by email.

5. On the same page, you will also see you can set a deadline for casting votes. Set your deadline and press ok. Any votes cast after your deadline will not be accepted.

You get a response that someone found a spelling mistake or suggested to add or take away some information? No worries, you can change information at any time with pressing the “Change Options”  button or even delete the whole Opinion Poll.

You can End an Opinion Poll any time and restart it as well.

Cast your vote provides you with the chance to hand in your own vote as equal to the other votes.

If you work with two options, you only have to choose the favourite one. With three or more options you can choose a ranking by clicking first, second, third and so on. 

Note: Changes in votings can be executed as long as you did not press cast vote.


The Paint Brush

 This Icon provides you with different styles to choose from.  

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