Feedback Loops

Get suggestions from your community using this feature.

Why Use The Feedback Loop


Externalising a decision de-mystifies it, giving clarity and opens up diversity of thought. It is hard to externalise the decision process, but the rewards are many. Having a consolidated view of why you reached the decision you did, what criteria were important to you, and the options you considered increases decision satisfaction, reducing the fear that another more suitable option was missed. Externalising and documenting a decision can aid memory and reflection. It can fill the gaps in our memory and improve post-decision satisfaction.


For a USER all you need to do is hit the violet feedback Loop button at any stage with which you would like feedback from others. 

Video: How To Use The Feedback Loop


Received an invitation to give feedback: then all you need to do is follow the link. From there you can help vote, edit and suggest to the User which invited you. 

Video: How To Give Feedback Using ODE


Here’s an ODE-ism 

Please always do your best to help the inviter. If you don’t have time, it’s always nice to drop them a line and let them know :)

  • Don’t have the app? No problem, just open via a browser of your choice. 

  • Not a registered User of ODE? No problem, you can open the invitation link via your browser. No log in credentials required.

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