About ODE

Who we are and what we stand for.

Our mission is very clear; make people better decision makers. However clear it may sound, we are aware of how complex & individual this topic is for everyone. We do not make choices for you, or provide answers; ODE gives you the structure to get there yourself.

Whether you’re going through daily choices, or adverse decisions which influence your health and well being, ODE is here with you. ODE isn’t just an app, we’re a lifestyle choice. Our cultural DNA as a brand is inherited from our Vision. That is, to enable collaborative, democratized and transparent decision making for you, and ultimately, by you.

How? Starting with the app; the first digital conscious and your partner. Stepping through decisions with clarity, anywhere and at any time. 

Your choices. Better choices.


Check out our Youtube channel for all things ODE, our app and decision making. 

To understand our values, you can read our Ethical Declaration. This was made to create accountability and acknowledge our values as engrained and inherent to our business decisions.


Please, feel free to message us on our chat in the bottom right hand corner to talk more! 

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